Live CD Ripper


Extract audio tracks from CDs in any format that you need


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If you have a huge collection of CDs and would like to have some songs stored on your computer without having to download them, just use this tool.

Live CD Ripper lets you extract songs from your disks so you can have them in the digital format that you want.

This tool can convert your music to the most popular audio formats like AAC, ACM, AIFF, AU, CAF, FLAC, IRCAM, MP3, NIST, OGG, PAF, PVF, RAW, SVX, VOC, W64, WAV and WMA.

In addition, Live CD Ripper automatically copies the information from the original cds to audio files. You don't have to worry about copying songs manually. The information will be added while you rip the CD.

The program's interface is very easy, you just have to put your disks into your computer and add them to Live CD Ripper. Once you've done this, you choose the format that you want to use for your songs and begin the conversion process.

Thanks to this app, you can play all the music from your cds in computers that don't have a cd reader. The only thing you have to do is save the audio tracks on a USB memory stick or in the player that you want.

15-day trial version.
You can process up to 3 CDs.

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